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A short introduction of Diginomad Hub For companies and entrepreneurs

Changes in the structure of modern society and development of the means of communication have made new lifestyles possible. One of the fastest developing trends is digital nomadity, which allows us to conjoin the best sides of working and travelling. Digital nomadism is a rising trend due to the possibilities it gives to the individual and entrepreneurship. A location independent way of life and working is not only a tool for individual development, but also gives brilliant opportunities for borderless entrepreneurship.

Digital nomads appreciate the possibility to move from place to place at their own pace, which suits the best just in their particular case. In the meaning of travelling they usually progress quite slowly, which makes this way of tourism sustainable. Slow pace allows to get acquainted with the place at absolutely new depths that is not possible during average short stay.

A longer stay offers new possibilities, but it demands a different approach to liabilities which may occur in each particular country. That includes possible permits (habitat, work), social and health insurance and taxes. That’s why a digital nomad needs a reliable and relevant source of information about all possible sides of life in the particular country: on usage of local services, possible tax permit, liabilities etc. Our mission is to make digital nomadity an easy to approach, sustainable and attractive lifestyle which benefits both sides: the digital nomads and the hosting country. We aim to provide them with relevant information both locally and Europe-wide.

Typically, digital nomads need all the possible information about the host area: housing, transportation, communication services, recycling and sanitation, schooling, restoration and catering and so on.

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