For Diginomads

A short introduction of Diginomad Hub For Diginomads.

Welcome to the European Diginomad community!

We collect data from 50 European countries to make a Diginomad’s life a degree smoother. 

The information packs contain up-to-date information from behind the scenes on both: benefits and responsibilities. In addition, our partners offer targeted services tailored to benefit digital nomads. You will find both: local offers in different countries as well as across borders. 

We are standing in front of a new era of digital nomadity. Join us now, so we can build a better future together! The first year membership is offered at half price under code 6CP99ERX. At this stage you will be able to influence the development of the project, the content and the structure as well as obtain exclusive partner opportunities. All your ideas are welcome. We will do our best to meet your expectations and to make the world a better place for digital nomads.

Data for all countries is not available recently, so we can prioritize the ones that interest you the most. We also constantly take into account the changing limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic to make your stay in the bespoken country safe and satisfying.

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